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Artist // Outsourcer // Supervisor // Consultant

RealTime, VP, AR, VR, Ads, Medical,Toys and Scan

Full spectrum 3D content and realtime service. With more than 14 years of professional experience. Fluent in most 3D industries, I am more than able to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Creative & organisational talent

Working closely with art departments to create high quality assets and/or deligating the process from start to finish.

Remote or On-Site

Your place or mine? Whether working remotely or at your location, I can integrate seamlessly with your art department or as a temporary part of your team.

Working fluently with all departments involved in a production cycle enables me to intuitively understand your pipeline from start to finish. I can set up or optimize workflows where needed, as well as help communicate precisely between departments to ensure your project goals are met. I am able to calculate costs and judge timings realistically; from own experience and past projects.

Working as part of many different production teams, serving a variety of industries and styles. Whether pre-production or almost finished project, I am quick to understand and adapt to your situation to meet your requirements.

My extensive experience in instruction of all aspects of character asset production allows me to facilitate information that is understandable and memorable.

Skillset /


Pipeline Setup & Project Consulting

Finding the right approach for you. Whether it be for an entire pipeline or part of your project. Spend less time on tedious tasks and have more time and room for creativity.


Rigging,  animation friendly and polished modeling for real-time and cinematics. Clean and optimized UVs.


Organic, hard surface and environment sculpting.


Photo and procedural texturing as well as texture painting by hand.

Materials & Shading

Stylized and realistic PBR material creation for real-time, biased and unbiased rendering.


Lighting with real world lighting theory in mind.


Realtime rendering and rendering with vray and alike.


Unreal Engine


3DS Max
ZBrush | Mudbox
World Creator | Gaea
Marvelous Designer
Character Chreator


Megascans | Quixel Suite
Substance Designer
Substance Painter
StableDiffusion | ControlNet | etc.
DaVinci Resolve


Adobe Suite (i.e. After Effects, InDesign, etc.)
LLM Prompt Enginieering (i.e. ChatGPT)
Revision Control (i.e. Git, Perforce)
TaskManagement (i.e. FTrack, etc.)
Office Apps (i.e. Word, Excel, etc.)

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Clients est. 2007

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20357 Hamburg

Per Niemann // Bio

I’m a EU-citizen, based in Hamburg, Germany, with professional connections to Canada and family in Germany and the US.

I worked on several pc, console & mobile game titles, vr and ar projects, a realistic naval training simulation, TV advertising, high accuracy rapid prototyping & 3D printing as well as scanning. I used to give classes in modeling, sculpting, texturing, shading and rendering at AEP Digital Arts Academy in Hamburg (RIP).

After graduating from Algoma High School, Wisconsin, US and Gesamtschule Walddörfer, Hamburg, I went on to study physics at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Wanting to marry my scientific background with my passion for media design and 3D I continued my education at AEP Digital Art Academy in Hamburg.

To further specialize in creature and character creation my next step after graduation October 06 took me to Vancouver, Canada. At Think Tank Training Centre I received instructions from renowned professionals like Kaare Andrews, Martin L’Heureux, Kolby Jukes, Graham Houston and Nick Boughen during the 3D Animation, Modeling, Visual Effects and Game Design Program.

After finishing my studies in Canada in October 07 I was hired as General Artist at Replay Studios, Hamburg, working on their “Velvet Assassin” game project (PC & XBox 360). April 09 I was promoted to Character Artist, before I decided in August 09 to go freelance, as artist and instructor.

artnorama // 2018

In early 2018 Stefan Mau and myself founded artnorama. A galery and concept service provider dedicated to design public, office and other spaces with visually stunning pictures, that interact in function and the space itself. For more info please visit